About OzaOza and kaiseki

OzaOza is a small, intimate restaurant in San Francisco’s Japan town. Chef Tetsuro Ozawa prepares each of the kaiseki courses from the freshest ingredients available, which means dishes will often change. Kaiseki meals are a refined form of omakase (similiar to a prix fixe) where dishes of a certain style are served in a particular order:

  • Sakizuke (small appetizer)
  • Hassun (seasonal appetizer)
  • Nimonowan (soup)
  • Mukouzuke (sashimi)
  • Yakimono (grilled dish)
  • Sunomono (vinegared dish)
  • Osyokuji (rice, miso soup and pickles)
  • Mizumono (dessert)

We typically offer two variations on the above set, please see our menu for details of the currently offered courses.

Please click here or call for reservations, and prepare for an authentic, artfully crafted Japanese meal.

415 674 4400


5:00 – 10:30 PM

1700 Post Street, Suite K

San Francisco, CA 94115