Current Menu

会席 Kaiseki $100

  • Sakizuke (Small Appetizer)
    • Ground soybean and mountain yam soup with wolf berry and rock salt
  • Hassun(Seasonal Appetizer)
    • Fig with sesame sauce
    • Jelly fish with wasabi flower
    • Mackerel cooked in miso
    • Grape tomato simmered in wine
    • Shrimp,pike conger and okra jelly
    • Sweet corn tempura
    • Grilled eggplant
  • Nimonowan (Soup)
    • Somen noodle soup with belt fish,white leek,wheat bran with mugwort
  • Mukouzuke (Sashimi)
    • Albacore tuna,wild king salmon,light boiled octopus
  • Yakimono (Grilled dish)
    • Grilled Sweet fish marinated in rice malt and sweet shishito pepper
  • Hiyashibachi (Cold steamed dish)
    • Cold seemed egg custard with white fish,watershed,pumpkin,shiitake mushroom

~Supplemental Dish ~
wagyu beef steak (additional charge of $25)

  • Osyokuji (Rice and Miso Soup)
    • Fresh water eel sushi
    • Red miso soup
  • Mizumono (Dessert)
    • Agar,rice flour mochi and fruits in syrup