Current Menu

会席 Kaiseki $100

  • Sakizuke (Small Appetizer)
    • Homemade tofu with soybean,water shield, wasabi
  • Hassun(Seasonal Appetizer)
    • Cooked ginger
    • Grilled sweet fish marinated in rice malt
    • Red snapper jelly
    • Grape tomato simmered in wine
    • Cooked butterbur
    • Deep fried sweet corn
    • Pickled asparagus
    • Steamed yam and potato modeled on hydrangea
  • Nimonowan (Soup)
    • Soup with sardine balls,shiitake mushroom,soybean sheet
  • Mukouzuke (Sashimi)
    • Bonito,wild king salmon,barfin flounder marinated with kelp
  • Agemono (Deep fried dish)
    • Deep fried sillago,conger pike,pumpkin,eggplant
  • Sunomono (Vinegared dish)
    • Light boiled octopus,dried daikon strip,shredded kelp,daikon sprouts
    • with pickled plum sauce and vinegar

~Supplemental Dish ~
wagyu beef steak (additional charge of $25)

  • Osyokuji (Rice, Miso Soup and Pickles)
    • Rice with grilled eel
    • Sake lees miso soup
  • Mizumono (Dessert)
    • Bracken starch dumpling with mocha