Current Menu

会席 Kaiseki $100

  • Sakizuke (Small Appetizer)
    • Deep fried and cooked eggplant,snow pea and tomato
  • Hassun(Seasonal Appetizer)
    • Salmon caviar with grated daikon
    • Mountain yam with cooked mushroom
    • Deep fried lotus root
    • Deep fried and cooked taro with red miso
    • Grilled beef tongue
    • Spicy cod roe and cheese wrapped by dried cod sheet
    • Slow cooked sweet fish with roe
  • Nimonowan (Soup)
    • Pike mackerel ball,winter melon,tofu skin in fish broth
  • Mukouzuke (Sashimi)
    • Autumn bonito,striped jack,flying squid,Hokkaido uni
  • Yakimono (Grilled dish)
    • Grilled autumn salmon marinated with white miso,shimeji mushroom,
    • Wheat bran,ginger stalk
  • Mushimono(Steamed dish)
    • Steamed egg custard with udon noodle,shrimp,fish cake,shiitake mushroom

~Supplemental Dish ~
wagyu beef steak (additional charge of $25)

  • Osyokuji (Rice and Soup)
    • Slightly broiled mackerel sushi and red miso soup
  • Mizumono (Dessert)
    • Sweet bean jelly with machado and fruits