Current Menu

会席 Kaiseki $100

  • Sakizuke (Small Appetizer)
    • Egg tofu with conger pike roe,salmon caviar,soybean and radish
  • Hassun(Seasonal Appetizer)
    • Fig with yuzu jelly
    • Simmered wagyu beef
    • Mugwort wheat  bran with miso
    • Sea eel and cucumber sunomono
    • Okra with sesame sauce
    • Barracuda sushi
  • Nimonowan (Soup)
    • Shrimp ball,salmon,turnip,carrot in white miso soup
  • Mukouzuke (Sashimi)
    • Wild red snapper marinated with seaweed,Bluefin tuna,Striped Jack
  • Agemono (Deep fried dish)
    • Deep fried black cod with black vinegar sauce and shimeji mushroom, shishito pepper
  • Hiyashibachi (Cold steamed dish)
    • Slow cooked octopus,pumpkin,eggplant,snow pea,winter melon

~Supplemental Dish ~
wagyu beef steak (additional charge of $25)

  • Osyokuji (Rice and Soup)
    • Sweet fish on the top of rice in fish broth
  • Mizumono (Dessert)
    • Soy milk ice cream,tomato soaked in wine and brandy