Current Menu

Dear Customers,

Starting January of 2018,the dinner menu price will not be offered at special opening price and it will be offered at $115.Thank you for your continued business.

会席 Kaiseki $115

  • Sakizuke (Small Appetizer)
    • Sesame tofu,wolf berry,wasabi
  • Hassun(Seasonal Appetizer)
    • Simmered soybeans
    • Smoked salmon on egg yolk
    • Baked scallop with spicy cod roe
    • Herring roe
    • Tofu marinated with miso
    • Deep fried Japanese seer fish
    • Plum jelly with sake lees
  • Nimonowan (Soup)
    • Fish cake with clam and turnip,carrot,cow parsley
  • Mukouzuke (Sashimi)
    • Blue fin tuna,Black scraper,Jumbo sweet shrimp,Big fin reef squid
  • Agemono (Deep fried dish)
    • Deep fried pond smelt and sea urchin wrapped with seaweed
    • kobacha squash,dried persimmon
  • Takiawase (Simmered dish)
    • Wild yellowtail,daikon radish,snow pea,wheat bran

~Supplemental Dish ~
wagyu beef steak (additional charge of $25)

  • Osyokuji (Rice and Soup)
    • Hand roll with grilled butterfish, marinated with miso and mountain burdock
    • Red miso soup
  • Mizumono (Dessert)
    • Mochi yogurt with macha